Minnie Ann Dickie Jones

Minnie Ann Dickie Jones

Date and Place of Birth? Knox County, either on the Mayes or Day farm. Was delivered by a midwife in Lonesome Dove on 10-31-1939.

What did you take away from the Clinton High School Experience? A horrible experience to go through. I would not wish it on my worst enemy. I really did not know that people could be so mean and hateful. I guess you could say that I took away a sense of pride for which I am, and my heritage for it continues to be a struggle.

What advice would you give today’s youth about your experience? Not to take anything for granted. Make the most of whatever you have and not to put someone else down for having less than you do, but to help that person if you can. In life no one knows what’s going to happen or what challenges you will have to face, but hold true to your faith in god and he will see you through.

What was it like inside the classroom at Clinton High School? It was not easy being some place that you were not welcome. We had to endure constant name calling, and some kids throwing spit balls at us everyday. It was a hard place to learn if you learned anything at all. Most of the teacher would not say anything to the other kids that was bothering us. Most of the time you were not calls upon to answer any questions. It was like you did not exist. The entire time I was afraid because the KKK would ride up and down the street with guns out their windows. Sometimes they would turn cars over if the people inside was black. On night I remember that all the women and children had to leave their homes and stay at the church due to threats that the white men were coming to kill all of us. Many nights we would be home in the dark and could not have our lights on.

What have you done since leaving Clinton High School? Raised a loving family, Work, volunteer for a Head Start in Knoxville

Did you attend college? If so, where? No

Tell me about you family – what are they doing? I am married to Minister Russell T. Jones. My parents and one brother have gone home to glory. I have four brothers that are retired, one sister. I have one child and three step-children, 12 grandkids, 6 great grandkids.